Financed by the Migration Policies Fund, in the framework of the project “Family Tracing Activities and  Assisted Voluntary Return for Unaccompanied Foreign Minors who are on the territory of the Italian State”.


UMC’s protection involves a huge amount of stakeholders, with different tasks and perspectives. Some of them deal with minors’ reception as well as protection; others offer legal support or provide them with several services with the aim of promoting their physical and psychological development. Hence there are several subjects that accompany the minor’s growth and choices. Nevertheless, the fundamental role played by families should be never underestimated, as well as the role of the authorities in the countries of origin or residence of the minor’s family members.


Creating an effective partnership among all of the stakeholders is essential to ensure child’s well-being.


This project is the result of the cooperation among IOM, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, the municipalities, reception centres, diplomatic missions in Italy, as well as the authorities and civil society in the countries of origin or residence of children’s families.