Assisted voluntary return

Takes place once the concerned child expresses the desire to reunite with his/her family and after the competent authorities have established that the reunification actually responds to his/her best interests.


The reintegration project: 



It is always supported by a counselling session directly carried out with the concerned child, in order to plan his/her reintegration path.

In order to support a positive and sustainable reintegration, IOM makes sure the reintegration project is tailored according to child’s capacities and needs.

In case return and reintegration apply for a child that carries one or more vulnerabilities, it is of paramount importance that the child’s specific vulnerabilities be identified so they can be timely considered. This will allow to put in place targeted interventions, in order to ensure that minor’s specific needs are duly and immediately taken into account in Italy, as well as in his/her country of origin after minor’s return.


Reintegration monitoring system

Child ’s reintegration in the country of origin is monitored by IOM Missions for at least six months from her/his return.

In case of particularly vulnerable situations, monitoring can be extended and it becomes more of an accompanying process. Regular reports on child’s reintegration process are transmitted by IOM to the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies.